My cousin had been wanting to try Yardstick and in the spur of the moment, it was granted. She had been busy and usually have only a few hours to spare on Saturdays. This time, she decided that we head out to Esteban, Makati to have coffee at Yardstick. We have read good reviews of this place and we were quite excited for this coffee experience. Just that, our experience didn’t meet our expectations.

We went inside the cafe with no warm greetings (that’s okay), and we didn’t get introductions on their coffee menu which we tried to decipher it together even when we were in front of the cashier. There were no other customers then but us. We read that once you enter the cafe, the baristas would know if you are a coffee enthusiast, a coffee lover, just want to try to place out, or you just found a place to hang out. We are coffee enthusiasts (maybe we didn’t look like one), but they didn’t help in introducing the kinds of coffee they offer. And we’re trying different cafes because we are in search for a great cup.

We suddenly remembered our experiences in the different third wave cafes here and in Singapore. We can’t help but compare the ambiance and enthusiasm of the baristas we encountered before. This place is not so easy to spot if you don’t frequent the city of Makati and you need a ride to get here. For the other coffee places we’ve been to, the baristas or even the owner are eager to know how we found out about the place (like in Singapore, their coffeeshops are not that easy to find but definitely worth the adventure). We like the searching because it is part of the coffee experience of the third wave.

The interior of the cafe has a workstations where they can demonstrate the preparation of the drink, just that we didn’t felt really welcome to watch them make the brews. We didn’t understand the menu at first glance and even though we stood there for a time, they didn’t ask or explain to us their menu. My sister opted for the La Maravilla on aeropress brew. My cousin had their Roaster’s Pick and my niece had Super White (which is their latte or flat white).


I had their Las Acacias because I’m having a break from lattes or coffee with milk. I chose their hand brew. It was good and you’d be able to savor the taste. I’ve been brewing Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, beans bought from Starbucks and Coffeebean, Kenya AA light roast, and other beans on Hario V60 drip. Good thing that their coffee is good. I thought then that they deserve another chance. Maybe it wasn’t a pleasant day for them that time. But my sister went back here with her friend and they experienced the same thing. Maybe coffee lovers are hard to spot after all.


We didn’t feel the warmth of the baristas, otherwise, it would be a really nice place to visit. I wanted to take home some beans but decided not to. But then…


The caffeine dose is good for us for the day.


Just beside it, you can dine at Your Local and also order coffee from Yardstick. There’s also a trapdoor that connects both places. I do admire the work that Yardstick do in offering courses on brewing coffee and providing sources for coffee machines and equipment.

Universal LMS Building
106 Esteban, Makati


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