Coffee Empire

Coffee Empire is a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts and foodie alike. They offer great coffee with a wide-range of coffee beans to select from. They also have Cafe Latte and Flat White that have varying degree of light to bold taste depending on your preference. You would be asked if you’d like it light, medium or full-bodied. On my first visit here, I ordered about two cups of coffee, a hand-brewed one and a latte.

Upon entering, you would be brought into a warehouse like of interior where you’d find the bar if you wish to look closely how the coffee is being prepared. There also have a roasting room and you’d see sacks of coffee beans there.



Coffee Empire is not just about coffee. They have great selections for dining too. You can choose from their breakfast menu items or their rice meals. We ordered their Shepherd’s Pie (pictured below). These recipes have been made and prepared by their team of chefs who have been constantly improving their dishes.


I particularly liked their chicken inasal which was very generous in its serving and proved to be a sumptuous meal for me.

IMG_5367 IMG_5374

The only downside in this cafe is their service which was not that effective on our third and fourth visit. But then we can see that they are improving on this. And it doesn’t stop us from visiting again. We like their coffee and the coffeebeans such as Kenya AA or Ethiopia blend that we buy from them. Ask their baristas for recommendations.

Coffee Empire
West Avenue, Quezon City
or @
Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill,
Taguig City


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